As the bee flies

Address : Christian Hogedez
Town/Suburb/City : 04870 St-Michel-l'Observatoire
State/County/Province : Alpes de Haute Provence
Country : France
Phone : 04 92 76 65 22
Fax : 04 92 76 65 22

Christian Hogedez is a beekeeper. He invites you to follow his bees' flight, from the village of Saint-Michel-l'Observatoire to their honey farm. On your way, Christian comments the remains of ancient farming activities around the village: a ruin, a mulberry tree...
From the hilltop, a panoramic view opens under you eyes, with bench terracing, the mountain range of Lure, and the Préalpes of Digne in the background.

Christian explains the importance of the cultivations and of water for the life of the beehive. Then, if the weather permits, you'll be able to get near the busy hives.
Once back, enter the farm where the honey house now stands, with a show about the life of the bees and a display of apiary equipment, such as the honey extractor. And that sweetly leads you to a tasting of the products of the farm.



Christian offers direct sale of :
• lavender honey, scrub honey, honey from Provence
• various beehive products
• gingerbread
• nougat


You can also meet him :
• on the market of Reillanne on Sunday mornings
• on the local fairs
• on the « marchés aux saveurs » in Forcalquier and Gréoux-les-Bains during summer


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