About ladybuggs ans vegetables

Address : Florence et Bruno Molling
Address : Hameau de Vallaury
Town/Suburb/City : 04330 Clumanc
State/County/Province : Alpes de Haute Provence
Country : France
Phone : 04 92 34 26 68
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Between Digne and Barrême, in the Préalpes du Sud, the river Asse has shaped a green agricultural valley at the mountains’feet. Dominated by forests and mountain pastures, the fields stretch by the riverside, scattered with hamlets and typical farms

On these fertile lands, in Vallaury, Florence and Bruno Molling produce organics vegetable, flowers and small fruits. They combine traditional knowledge and skills with sophisticated techniques, such as greenhouse cultivation, which is essential to lengthen the growing season in this hard mountain climate.


The itinerary leads you through the fields in a landscape where geological times cans be read on the variously coloured rocks, and where numerous remains talk of a long human occupation of the valley.


What are the characteristics of organic farming, the works and growing measures that fortify plants to produce good and sane vegetables, while preserving the soil and the water table ?
What is this natural balance in which the ladybug finds its place ?

And how do short supply chains and local food system work, and create contact between customers and producers ? Those are some of the topics of this itinerary, that ends back in Vallary, int the production place, where delicious hams, syrups and liquors are cooked according to well tried recipes.



A tasting ends this visit, which is also an opportunity to discover good practices to maintain the biological balance in your own garden.






Florence and Bruno offer direct sale of
•  Hams
•  Organic labelled season's vegetables
•  Liquors (Alos to be found in the Maison du Pays du Haut Verdon in Beauvezer)


You can find them on the markets in :
Saint André-les-Alpes : on Wednesday mornings (from April to July) and Saturday mornings (from July to October)
Colmars-les-Alpes : on Tuesdays and Fridays
Barrême : on Mondays (from April to mid-June)

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